Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dreams-AGAIN! + important news...

DREAMS! Ugh, why is it that I'm being haunted by dreams!? Every night! This time I was-

Ya know what? I can't remember the details well enough to explain it, but it was weird. Like all my dreams are. And a lot off the time, it's either someone wants to kill me or they need me, so I'm kidnapped. HOW DOES THAT WORK?!?!?! I am REALLY starting to hate dreams. Even if they ARE so adventure-y... Way more action-y than my life... BUT THEY KEEP ME SLEEPING HALF THE DAY! Well, dreams and blogging... I stayed up late so I could talk to the Aussies that come on at my night. Sadly, that brings me to the important bit...

To those who don't know yet, I'm leaving Derek's blog. This time, I have to. School has been hard and my grades have been failing because I spend so much time here. I'm sorry and I'll miss everyone. I won't forget any of the friends I've made here!

But, there IS an upside to this sad piece of news. I'll be checking my emails still. But only twice a day. And, when I can, like now, I'll post things.

Speaking of posting things, I have REALLY GOT to post a song! I've been trying for so long to do that! I'm sorry to keep you guys waiting. Okay. Now I got to go again. I'll try to post a song as soon as I can! But it's going to be hard with me trying to catch up with school too...

Ugh... Well, can't end the post on a sour note, so here are some funny pics to lighten your spirit.



    You're leaving? :'(

    I'll, really, really miss you . . .

  2. *shakes head*
    I'm sorry Lavender.
    I hope *laughs* get it? Hope? anyway... I hope you can still have quick chats now and then. It's pretty hard to break the addiction!

    *District 12 Salute*
    You will be missed.