Saturday, May 11, 2013

Birthday+ drawing update and last moment randomness

Well, yesterday was actually my birthday(although, depending where you are, it still is my birthday as of the moment I wrote this) and it was actually pretty fun.

The day before, my awesome friend surprised me by taking me to a duck(which is really good, by the way) restaurant for lunch with three other, previously chosen friends. She surprised me by asking me to wait for her before eating then taking me outside where I noticed the three other friends also waiting and hanging together. Then I started getting suspicious. So my friend said we would be going shopping. I asked her why she didn't tell me sooner so I could get my money, but she said I wouldn't be needing it. As we were riding in the car, being driven by one of my aunts(who helped pay for lunch), we past the restaurant and I started to wonder. Sure enough, we made a U turn at the nearest possible turning place and arrived there. The whole thing was great and I was really happy that my friend actually surprised me. :)

Then yesterday, on my actual birthday, it didn't even feel like I turned 17 that day. It felt like any regular day. Until the party. They had me wait until they were all there before I could go in. Quite a few friends and acquaintances were there. My awesome friend made two cakes, one was an orange crêpe(like a very thin and big pancake) cake and the other was chocolate. Oh my gosh, the chocolate was the best out of both. It was all just. Chocolate. Oh my gosh. Then there were presents.

Even when people kept asking me what I'd like for my birthday, I honestly couldn't think of anything. But they were all really great gifts.

Since having the idea to take me out to lunch and making me two cakes wasn't enough, my awesome friend had to go and get me a present. A few presents. One, which is really awesome of her, was a box of 48 colors of chalk pastels. :O Since I'm trying to draw more, that was absolutely awesome of her. If she was one to like hugs, I would have squeeze-hugged her and not let go, but as she doesn't like hugs, I gave her a quick tight hug. The other was a really cute children's English-Korean dictionary with pictures. That will make learning much easier and a lot more fun. Then she gave me a dark chocolate bar and a bag of chocolate scraps from the cake as a side gift.

Then there's a really good friend of the family, who gave me a small golden heart shaped locket necklace(that can actually open) and silver bracelet with three tiny Scottish terriers linked in.

Now, I'm not going to go into all the details of who gave what, so I'll just list the other things I got.

I got a cute hot pink carry around(handleless) mug with the face of a cat on the front, another necklace with a fish that can actually move its body from side to side(really cool), a small, cute backpack for when we go hiking on a mountain(because I always carry my snacks/lunch in a plastic bag hanging from my wrist), a dark purple suit jacket for formal occasions, a bag of dried bread coated in sugar(called rusk), and from my family, a gift card(with a good deal of money on it) for books!!!! :DDD

All in all, I think it was a really good birthday. :)

Oh, and since I'm blogging, about the drawings from the previous post, I've colored a few, but still need to finish the rest. Will do that when I can and I'll post them. :)

The blogger app looks really nice after I updated it. Easier to bold and italicize words. Sorry, just spouting random stuff now. :P