Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

And a very happy blogversary to Luciana Scàth! And speaking of blogversaries... mine's in eight days! :O Very short post just to say happy day, so here's a picture I made for everyone!

Sorry, the screen was too small to fit ' 's day'. Hope you like it though!

PS(added a little later than when I first started the post): when I get time, I'm going to be posting several things on this blog. Sometime in the next seven days... Not all of it good news, I'm sorry to say.

Well, sorry to spoil the Valentine mood, so Have A Happy Day! *gives a smile that doesn't reach her eyes* *drops the smile* I'm sorry... I can't really pretend to be happy right now... But don't let my mood affect you! Go out there and be happy!