Thursday, December 27, 2012

Here's the Christmas present!

Sorry it's late. I hurried the coloring at the end, so some of the colors look bad. Plus my iPod sucks at pictures. Makes the colors off. But I think I got a good close up pic at the presents.

About the picture. Santa is actually Derek(could you tell?) in disguise. My first attempt at drawing Derek, and he's dressed up as Santa. Haha. :P Anyway, he's borrowing the real Santa's magic sack to give you all presents. I mean it when I say that, the sack has infinite space (as you can see it's still pretty big) so there'll be enough for every minion. The 'merry' part was inspired by candy canes, if you couldn't tell. Why I have a random octopus toy at the bottom is because I wanted to draw an octopus person(like the ones Skulduggery would always talk about), but I ended up drawing a normal octopus. So, to try and make it look like it was supposed to be like that, I added the teddy bear, cat, and dog next to it. There was going to be a story to go with the drawing, but... Didn't have time to write it. As you see, even the picture came late. Oh, and didn't finish the second one yet either, will try to get it done between now and New Years(which is pretty soon). It's not exactly a Christmas-y card, save for the tree, so it'll make a nice New Years card. Merry Late Christmas!

PS: If the colors don't look too bad, try and see if you can find a cameo I hid in there. Give you a few hints: There are four presents for each design(except the polka dot one, which you probably can't see anyway). Find four with the same design that's colors are from a book that was made into a movie. The colors changed from the book to the movie though, so I used the colors from the movie. Two of the presents are in plain sight.

Okay, if I give you any more hints, I'm sure it'll be too easy. So, unless the colors are too off to find them, have fun! And comment the movie/book if you think you know what it is.
EDIT(12-31-12): Yes, it's Harry Potter! Congratulations to Thrust Ominous for getting it right! Awesome, Thrust! :D

PPS: Most of the time I spent on it was the coloring, and picture taking, so you can probably imagine my frustration that the picture made them look bad.