Monday, May 28, 2012

Jewelry I made

Sorry if the pictures look unclear. My camera was being wacky and wouldn't let me get a better picture. I made the necklace with an example my mom made(she was a jeweler for a while) but had no other help making it. She put the clasp on the bracelet though.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Beauty of Nature, and then some. :)

These pictures were taken in my back and front yard. It's REALLY sunny here in this part of California.

Do you see it?

How about now? Know what it is? No, I didn't get that close. I zoomed first, when I took the picture, then cropped it.

Is it better to see now? It's a bee. A huge bee. That red oval is highlighting the hole it was heading to. Those bees are carpenter/bumble bees that EAT WOOD. And they made a nest right in my backyard. In that decaying tree trunk.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Birthday Card for Sparky :)

It's like Nix's card, but that's why I made it different. All of my cards will look alike, but have unique differences like different colors. Still made it from Paint though. The cake is seen from above. The 14 yellowish dots are candles, if you can even see them... they might be too small...

Well, hope you like it Sparky, and it's not too late. Happy birthday, again. :)

Friday, May 4, 2012


Warning: This is a very random post that you might not care about, but I'm still going to say anyway because I'm freaking out about it.

Oh. My. Gosh! I can't believe what I found! My old things that I thought were thrown away! I haven't seen them in YEARS! An poem I wrote when I was 9, a few drawings from when I was 11, old music sheets of the songs I sang in a summer music program when I was 12, a notebook I had from school when I was 7, and some paint supplies I thought I left at a friend's house before we moved!

*reminiscing* Oh, wow. Brings back memories of good times. :) My poem is so funny, I'm going to type it here. Just remember, I wrote this when I was 9, it doesn't rhyme perfectly and in some places, doesn't make much sense, but anyway. There are probably spelling mistakes, too. Just writing it how it is on paper. Start at the top left, then go down and to the right. (Editing this in 2015! XD It was so unreadable. So now it's written differently in order to read it better.)

The title: Love is

Love is kindness
Love is sweet
I love love
It's so unique

Love is precious
Love is bold
Love is like
A heart of gold

Love is friendship
Love is hope
Love can go
As long as rope

Love is family
Love is friends
Love is like it
Never ends

Love is cats and
Love is dogs
Love is even
In a frog

Love is nature
Love is trees
Love is blowing
In the breeze

Love is grand
And love is bright
You could say
It's even light

And sometimes
You might add
Love is love
And that's not bad

Ha, wow. I wonder who else looks back and remembers the time they made or did something when they found it years later. If that makes sense... hope it does.

Oh, and Star? You read Rainbow Magic books before, right? Well, I drew some of the fairies from the books. The drawings were one of the things I found in the box. Maybe I'll post the pics. One thing though, the hands are horrible. I am NOT good at drawing hands. :P

*EDIT* Make that, not good at drawing people. Now that I think about it, I wasn't very good at drawing at all... Although I think I got better, never tried drawing a person yet (after so long).