Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween!

I didn't write anything this Halloween, but here's the picture I drew instead! Stay safe if you're trick or treating this year, and I hope your Halloween is as spooky and fun as you want it to be!

Some of the letters(not all) were inspired by spooky/Halloween related themes. Can you guess the ones I used? Bonus points to anyone who can guess the special cameos in there. ;) Also, if you can't see well, the cat's pouncing on a leaf, and one gravestone says Boo while the other has the face of a ghost on it. Then the two things floating around are leaves. Happy Halloween guys! Stay safe!

Edit: Added a little more color. Here's the picture with the finished touch! Now the witch is walking in front of a white wall; where it ends, the fence starts. 

PS: I would have made it a grey stone wall, but that would have been too hard to draw. ^.^' So it's just a white wall now. :P