Friday, April 15, 2016

Earth Day Coloring Page

So I have this coloring page app and it's updated for Earth Week. I colored one of them and used their filter feature to give it effects. Enjoy!

This is the original picture with no filters. They had gradient colors to give it the dark to light look.

This one has a gold outline and a shadow feature. The outline really changes how it looks, huh?

Gold outline on wood.

Tried something different this time. White outline and frame on fabric.

Last one. Used a wet window background. Can't see some of the colors because that dark line up there, but I like the water drops. 

Thursday, December 31, 2015



And with the new year comes new resolutions. I have several.

1) get better at drawing: I've gotten more eager to draw in the last week or so, so this year, I want to expand my poor simple cards and pictures and actually learn how to create art that actually has shading. Also learn more about digital art.
2) lose the belly fat I had gained since this winter XP: And not by dieting(because that really won't work; unless you count eating healthier: i.e smoothies, more fruits and veggies... Okay fine, I'll try eating less meats and grain as well), but also exercising more. I've been too lazy last year, so this year, I'm gonna do my best to be fit!
3) Talk to my family more: Because really, it's too long a gap between talks.
4) write: not only do I want to get better at drawing, but I want to actually see results to my own stories. Whether they're fan stories or originals, I'm going to make 'completing a whole story' my goal. Possibly starting with shorts or one shots first, and seeing if I can even finish one of those before I lose interest or procrastinate too much to complete it.

So these are my resolutions. What are some of yours?

PS: This is also the year I turn TWENTY. Gosh! I feel like I should be feeling older, but I don't. XD I still feel like an immature teen. Still look like one too(growin' is slooooow goin').

Monday, November 9, 2015

Happy birthday Frank

Well, I tried sending the pic through an email, but since that didn't seem to work(the file might have been too big), I decided to post it here. Hope that's okay!

First time trying block letters on a mobile paint app (using my finger even!). :P

And those are ink blots, btw. Not blood splatter. XP But think of it how you want, Frank. It's your own card after all. :) I hope you like it.

PS: I hope it's not too Christmassy. I tried making it look less holiday ish, but with the whole color thing going on, I don't think I did a very good job on that. Heh. Anywho, happy birthday!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween!

I didn't write anything this Halloween, but here's the picture I drew instead! Stay safe if you're trick or treating this year, and I hope your Halloween is as spooky and fun as you want it to be!

Some of the letters(not all) were inspired by spooky/Halloween related themes. Can you guess the ones I used? Bonus points to anyone who can guess the special cameos in there. ;) Also, if you can't see well, the cat's pouncing on a leaf, and one gravestone says Boo while the other has the face of a ghost on it. Then the two things floating around are leaves. Happy Halloween guys! Stay safe!

Edit: Added a little more color. Here's the picture with the finished touch! Now the witch is walking in front of a white wall; where it ends, the fence starts. 

PS: I would have made it a grey stone wall, but that would have been too hard to draw. ^.^' So it's just a white wall now. :P

Sunday, August 2, 2015


Fear. Worry. Regret. Pain. Sorrow. ... She used to be filled with light and joy. When did she change? It happened far longer than recent events. She just recently began to find a balance. Always, it would come back to this. A darkness in her mind that she can never shake. Her choices, her mistakes. Nothing could prepare her for life's downsides. With no one to talk to but voices in her head. It always goes back to being alone. Is she doing it to herself? Why not be with everyone? Why stay in her room all day doing nothing? Is it laziness, or something deeper?

She wishes not to care anymore, but her heart's too good to stop caring. Problems pile up and everything begins to have some connection to the next. Where did they start? She feels so lost... Trying to hold onto her faith, but it's fading.

Then she realizes. Roads are full of tunnels and mountains. If life is like a road, then there will always be times people have to go through them. No one can really stop in the middle and stay there on a road. Maybe for a moment, but everyone has to move on sometime.

Still... It seems that everytime she encounters one, everything else seems irrelevant and she's just stuck in the moment... Even with realizations like this, she can't seem to find the effort to do something. So the question is back, is it laziness or something else? She wished she knew...

Sunday, June 14, 2015


I don't know what- well, I do. But never mind. I wrote this. It's up to you to interpret it's meaning, but I hope you like it. It's just something random and sudden, so that explains why the grammar is bad. If you can, ignore how it's written and just try to flow with the words. Just a tip. 

A figure, lost in darkness, curled into an upright ball. Suddenly, a glow softly shines, illuminating the figure's fearful, tear filled eyes as they look up at the glow. It comes from an outstretched hand, palm up, as if offering to help. The figure wrapped in darkness looks from the smiling, kind face of the stranger to the offered hand, hesitant to take it. They close their eyes shut and quickly take hold of the hand before they changed their mind. While their eyes are shut, a powerful wind blows in their face. Fearfully, they grab the hand tighter, afraid that this kind stranger might let go. Suddenly, the wind stops and even through closed eyes, brightness shines through...

Slowly, you open your eyes. There are scars and bruises on your arms; you wear torn clothes. The stranger knew this, yet held onto your hand anyway. You look to them, and they smile kindly at you, extending their free hand out as if to say, 'Look around.' So you do, and what you see brings more tears to your eyes. There is a clearing, but it's full of people. People with cuts, bruises, and scars; just like you. But they smile. They're happy. You look longingly to them, wanting nothing more than to be there, smiling with them. You are afraid, but the stranger just stands next to you, waiting and watching. You realize that this is your choice alone, but you know what you have to do and gather what little courage you have left. Very slowly and hesitant, you take that first step. Then another. And another. Slowly, but surely, you walk towards those smiling, scarred faces. One sees you; their smile grows wider and they run to you, greeting you with a happiness you haven't known in ages. Still nervous and worried, you hold back that small ball of light forming inside you. You couldn't afford to hope only to have it crushed by darkness again. This new person takes your hands and leads you farther into the crowd, happily showing you to everyone else. They all greet you the same. Warm, happy smiles. Sometimes a hug or a wave. Finally, you let yourself smile. It's not big, or perfect, but that tiny smile is the start of more that is sure to come. You begin to feel that, finally, you've found your home, with people who make you feel happy and safe. Best of all? The darkness completely vanished from your eyes, mind, and soul. To be replaced with happiness. Forevermore. 

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Some recent drawings

Hi! I haven't made a post in a while, so I thought I'd share some drawings of mine. If anyone's seen How to Train your Dragon, then you may recognize this first pic as a drawing of Toothless. At least, I hope it's recognizable enough. Since I suck at drawing bodies, I left most of his out of the picture. Trust me, it's really bad looking. Would also like to add that this is the first attempt at drawing Toothless, so I hope you like it!

The second one is just a cat. I was experimenting with drawing styles, trying to make it look more realistic. The cat's eyes were colored with several different blues. I'm not sure if you can tell though.

The paper was just plain white, but I took the pictures at night, with a yellow lamp lighting, so that's why the paper looks colored. Hope you guys like it! You might be seeing more drawings from me soon!