Saturday, May 11, 2013

Birthday+ drawing update and last moment randomness

Well, yesterday was actually my birthday(although, depending where you are, it still is my birthday as of the moment I wrote this) and it was actually pretty fun.

The day before, my awesome friend surprised me by taking me to a duck(which is really good, by the way) restaurant for lunch with three other, previously chosen friends. She surprised me by asking me to wait for her before eating then taking me outside where I noticed the three other friends also waiting and hanging together. Then I started getting suspicious. So my friend said we would be going shopping. I asked her why she didn't tell me sooner so I could get my money, but she said I wouldn't be needing it. As we were riding in the car, being driven by one of my aunts(who helped pay for lunch), we past the restaurant and I started to wonder. Sure enough, we made a U turn at the nearest possible turning place and arrived there. The whole thing was great and I was really happy that my friend actually surprised me. :)

Then yesterday, on my actual birthday, it didn't even feel like I turned 17 that day. It felt like any regular day. Until the party. They had me wait until they were all there before I could go in. Quite a few friends and acquaintances were there. My awesome friend made two cakes, one was an orange crêpe(like a very thin and big pancake) cake and the other was chocolate. Oh my gosh, the chocolate was the best out of both. It was all just. Chocolate. Oh my gosh. Then there were presents.

Even when people kept asking me what I'd like for my birthday, I honestly couldn't think of anything. But they were all really great gifts.

Since having the idea to take me out to lunch and making me two cakes wasn't enough, my awesome friend had to go and get me a present. A few presents. One, which is really awesome of her, was a box of 48 colors of chalk pastels. :O Since I'm trying to draw more, that was absolutely awesome of her. If she was one to like hugs, I would have squeeze-hugged her and not let go, but as she doesn't like hugs, I gave her a quick tight hug. The other was a really cute children's English-Korean dictionary with pictures. That will make learning much easier and a lot more fun. Then she gave me a dark chocolate bar and a bag of chocolate scraps from the cake as a side gift.

Then there's a really good friend of the family, who gave me a small golden heart shaped locket necklace(that can actually open) and silver bracelet with three tiny Scottish terriers linked in.

Now, I'm not going to go into all the details of who gave what, so I'll just list the other things I got.

I got a cute hot pink carry around(handleless) mug with the face of a cat on the front, another necklace with a fish that can actually move its body from side to side(really cool), a small, cute backpack for when we go hiking on a mountain(because I always carry my snacks/lunch in a plastic bag hanging from my wrist), a dark purple suit jacket for formal occasions, a bag of dried bread coated in sugar(called rusk), and from my family, a gift card(with a good deal of money on it) for books!!!! :DDD

All in all, I think it was a really good birthday. :)

Oh, and since I'm blogging, about the drawings from the previous post, I've colored a few, but still need to finish the rest. Will do that when I can and I'll post them. :)

The blogger app looks really nice after I updated it. Easier to bold and italicize words. Sorry, just spouting random stuff now. :P

Thursday, April 18, 2013

More drawings!

Okay, so recently I've been wanting to draw, so I thought: why not draw the names of my blog friends?

Soooo, I have started a few. All they need now are some color. But the thing is, I don't want to mess up, so I'm worried about how to color them. So, you get to see my first finished drawings without color. Hmm, it may have been clearer if I had the light on... Oh well.

Niccolo, I'm sorry about the bird. I am absolutely positive it won't be a bald eagle once I draw it. But that was the second time I ever drew a bird. Okay, including the chickens, fourth. And Jubi, I didn't finish it yet so I didn't want to show a headless wollameaver dolvampony. Looks good so far though! At least, with my imagination. Luce, the dots are skittles and you have a diamond as the dot of your 'i'. Death, there's a small thorn near the bottom of the stem. I think you can see it, that dark spot right next to the stem. Sorry that the name is hard to see though. Mara, the dot on the 'i' is a lily flower. And those are charms hanging off the word(in order left to right- heart, four petaled flower, 1D). Sorry, but I didn't think I could draw the boys, so I wrote the lyrics to some of their songs. :) Em, you have an eighth note as the 'd' in Melody and there's a drawing of Dublin Daes. Sorry about the ugly wolf on the cover, I suck at animals. Aaand, Star. Yours will have a spark(or just a symbol to mean bright) as the dot on your 'i'.

Just to remind you, I am still working on these, so the finished(and colored) result could be different.

Wow, I've been very blogpost active recently...

Monday, April 15, 2013

My drawing

The darker shades in the mountains are supposed to be the clouds' shadows. I may have made the sky too light to see, but there are clouds. You might be able to see the grey parts though. Oh, and I cut out the bottom half. You don't need to see it anyway, I drew mostly so I could have something more than a blank half. Still, it wasn't that great.

Oh- and this is the first time in a really long time that I have used crayons. I mean, it's not that I think they're for little kids, but I don't draw with crayons and markers because it's a little hard to control the strokes. By that, I mean with markers, sometimes you get areas with darker shades by coloring one spot too much. I don't like how it looks when some areas are darker when I don't want it to be. With crayons... well, I just don't use them much. But after trying the crayons in the drawing, I might change my perspective. It's almost like using colored pencils. Except that when they get dull, they'll be hard to use. I don't like sharpening them because the sharpener gets all waxy and blech. I'm picky when it comes to my art supplies. XP

Oh! But the crayon colors are so cool! It's all rainbow plus silver, gold, harvest gold, maroon(at least, I think it is. Kind of a brown-red), black, white, brown, and grey. And you get to see my sampling of them. Plus a tree in the corner. XD

Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Post!

I've been wanting to write a post for some time now. I have just been so. Busy.

Hopefully, I'll be able to finish the drawing I'm working on and post that(if it turns out good). And I need to get another post up soon. Plus share what's been happening in the past week. But, for now you get this, because as I said, I'm pretty busy and only have time to post this one.

So, Spring. For some people, it would actually be turning Autumn, but over in the north it's turning Spring. Some of the flowers have already blossomed, I can see tufts of green grass growing around. But the leaves of the trees have yet to make their appearance. The sky has been pretty clear for the past week. Sometimes with white fluffy clouds. But the winds are blowing very fast and hard. Even with the sun shining, it's cold! Though sometimes it's nice. Oh- but there's just one little problem about Spring. BUGS!!! Gah, the bugs of the worst kind are back! Wasps, spiders, MOSQUITOS!!! I've seen some already! For those living on the north side, prepare for the bugs!
*grabs bug repellent*

Monday, March 25, 2013

Things to share

There are two things I want to share. It was sitting here as a draft, just waiting to be published... Why I didn't do it earlier, I have no idea.

The first is this. It's written on a small notebook I bought and it made me think of Blogland.
"When you look up into the blue sky
You will find a great big smile through the clouds. Smiles are what fills us with delight
And brings us back to our good old days. Only you can make this world seem right. Only you can make the darkness bright." ~morning glory(stationary brand)

And my other thing. I know that everyone has hard times once in a while, so here's something I read on a card that I wanted to share, to give you strength when that time comes.

One tiny butterfly
Shows what it means
To have enduring courage
And dignity,
So that even when the wind
Takes it in an unknown direction,
It flies,
Staying strong, staying brave.
One tiny butterfly
Lifts itself up
With the light
Deep inside its soul,
Rising on wings of hope
For a safe
And renewing journey…
You're like that butterfly,
Brave and beautiful.
I know your courageous spirit
Will carry you through this
Just like it has carried you
So many times before.
(This next part was inside the card.)

And I also know
I am here for you,
To offer friendship
And comfort
And support,
So you'll soon have
All the strength
You need
To soar once more.

Two posts at once... Hmm.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

And a very happy blogversary to Luciana Scàth! And speaking of blogversaries... mine's in eight days! :O Very short post just to say happy day, so here's a picture I made for everyone!

Sorry, the screen was too small to fit ' 's day'. Hope you like it though!

PS(added a little later than when I first started the post): when I get time, I'm going to be posting several things on this blog. Sometime in the next seven days... Not all of it good news, I'm sorry to say.

Well, sorry to spoil the Valentine mood, so Have A Happy Day! *gives a smile that doesn't reach her eyes* *drops the smile* I'm sorry... I can't really pretend to be happy right now... But don't let my mood affect you! Go out there and be happy!