Monday, March 25, 2013

Things to share

There are two things I want to share. It was sitting here as a draft, just waiting to be published... Why I didn't do it earlier, I have no idea.

The first is this. It's written on a small notebook I bought and it made me think of Blogland.
"When you look up into the blue sky
You will find a great big smile through the clouds. Smiles are what fills us with delight
And brings us back to our good old days. Only you can make this world seem right. Only you can make the darkness bright." ~morning glory(stationary brand)

And my other thing. I know that everyone has hard times once in a while, so here's something I read on a card that I wanted to share, to give you strength when that time comes.

One tiny butterfly
Shows what it means
To have enduring courage
And dignity,
So that even when the wind
Takes it in an unknown direction,
It flies,
Staying strong, staying brave.
One tiny butterfly
Lifts itself up
With the light
Deep inside its soul,
Rising on wings of hope
For a safe
And renewing journey…
You're like that butterfly,
Brave and beautiful.
I know your courageous spirit
Will carry you through this
Just like it has carried you
So many times before.
(This next part was inside the card.)

And I also know
I am here for you,
To offer friendship
And comfort
And support,
So you'll soon have
All the strength
You need
To soar once more.

Two posts at once... Hmm.

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