Saturday, April 13, 2013

A Post!

I've been wanting to write a post for some time now. I have just been so. Busy.

Hopefully, I'll be able to finish the drawing I'm working on and post that(if it turns out good). And I need to get another post up soon. Plus share what's been happening in the past week. But, for now you get this, because as I said, I'm pretty busy and only have time to post this one.

So, Spring. For some people, it would actually be turning Autumn, but over in the north it's turning Spring. Some of the flowers have already blossomed, I can see tufts of green grass growing around. But the leaves of the trees have yet to make their appearance. The sky has been pretty clear for the past week. Sometimes with white fluffy clouds. But the winds are blowing very fast and hard. Even with the sun shining, it's cold! Though sometimes it's nice. Oh- but there's just one little problem about Spring. BUGS!!! Gah, the bugs of the worst kind are back! Wasps, spiders, MOSQUITOS!!! I've seen some already! For those living on the north side, prepare for the bugs!
*grabs bug repellent*


  1. *chucks bug repellent left over from summer*
    Here you go!

    And yay for drawings!! :D

  2. Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaav, the blog misses youuuuuuu :'(

    Yeah, we're in Autumn now, but the leaves on the trees aren't really browning up. Lazy trees don't have a sense of time.

    Spring sounds nice. I remember last year's first day of spring: INSTANT WARMTH