Monday, April 15, 2013

My drawing

The darker shades in the mountains are supposed to be the clouds' shadows. I may have made the sky too light to see, but there are clouds. You might be able to see the grey parts though. Oh, and I cut out the bottom half. You don't need to see it anyway, I drew mostly so I could have something more than a blank half. Still, it wasn't that great.

Oh- and this is the first time in a really long time that I have used crayons. I mean, it's not that I think they're for little kids, but I don't draw with crayons and markers because it's a little hard to control the strokes. By that, I mean with markers, sometimes you get areas with darker shades by coloring one spot too much. I don't like how it looks when some areas are darker when I don't want it to be. With crayons... well, I just don't use them much. But after trying the crayons in the drawing, I might change my perspective. It's almost like using colored pencils. Except that when they get dull, they'll be hard to use. I don't like sharpening them because the sharpener gets all waxy and blech. I'm picky when it comes to my art supplies. XP

Oh! But the crayon colors are so cool! It's all rainbow plus silver, gold, harvest gold, maroon(at least, I think it is. Kind of a brown-red), black, white, brown, and grey. And you get to see my sampling of them. Plus a tree in the corner. XD