Thursday, April 18, 2013

More drawings!

Okay, so recently I've been wanting to draw, so I thought: why not draw the names of my blog friends?

Soooo, I have started a few. All they need now are some color. But the thing is, I don't want to mess up, so I'm worried about how to color them. So, you get to see my first finished drawings without color. Hmm, it may have been clearer if I had the light on... Oh well.

Niccolo, I'm sorry about the bird. I am absolutely positive it won't be a bald eagle once I draw it. But that was the second time I ever drew a bird. Okay, including the chickens, fourth. And Jubi, I didn't finish it yet so I didn't want to show a headless wollameaver dolvampony. Looks good so far though! At least, with my imagination. Luce, the dots are skittles and you have a diamond as the dot of your 'i'. Death, there's a small thorn near the bottom of the stem. I think you can see it, that dark spot right next to the stem. Sorry that the name is hard to see though. Mara, the dot on the 'i' is a lily flower. And those are charms hanging off the word(in order left to right- heart, four petaled flower, 1D). Sorry, but I didn't think I could draw the boys, so I wrote the lyrics to some of their songs. :) Em, you have an eighth note as the 'd' in Melody and there's a drawing of Dublin Daes. Sorry about the ugly wolf on the cover, I suck at animals. Aaand, Star. Yours will have a spark(or just a symbol to mean bright) as the dot on your 'i'.

Just to remind you, I am still working on these, so the finished(and colored) result could be different.

Wow, I've been very blogpost active recently...


  1. Skitttttttttttles<3

    Love you, Lav! *hugs* These are cool c:

  2. LAAAAAAAVVVV! *squeals* *tacklehugs*

    I only saw these now! They're amazing :) and I love mine :')