Thursday, December 31, 2015



And with the new year comes new resolutions. I have several.

1) get better at drawing: I've gotten more eager to draw in the last week or so, so this year, I want to expand my poor simple cards and pictures and actually learn how to create art that actually has shading. Also learn more about digital art.
2) lose the belly fat I had gained since this winter XP: And not by dieting(because that really won't work; unless you count eating healthier: i.e smoothies, more fruits and veggies... Okay fine, I'll try eating less meats and grain as well), but also exercising more. I've been too lazy last year, so this year, I'm gonna do my best to be fit!
3) Talk to my family more: Because really, it's too long a gap between talks.
4) write: not only do I want to get better at drawing, but I want to actually see results to my own stories. Whether they're fan stories or originals, I'm going to make 'completing a whole story' my goal. Possibly starting with shorts or one shots first, and seeing if I can even finish one of those before I lose interest or procrastinate too much to complete it.

So these are my resolutions. What are some of yours?

PS: This is also the year I turn TWENTY. Gosh! I feel like I should be feeling older, but I don't. XD I still feel like an immature teen. Still look like one too(growin' is slooooow goin').

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