Sunday, April 29, 2012

Anime Lavender, the character :)

Out of the seven I found on the web, these two both look closer to character.
  She has the look of a 12 year old, plus the glasses,

but she has the hair color. Speaking of hair, I didn't say how long it was in the OC...

I don't know which to choose, so I was thinking you guys could help. The bangs though, most pics I looked at had them. I used to, when I was younger. But I'm not sure if my character's going to keep them.
I think I'm gonna have to update my OC bio... again.


  1. Anime characters. Great idea. I've also been looking at anime and i have two great anime pics for my Rebellion characters. One of them is my profile pic. *points*

    (Yes, this talking about my Rebellion anime IS connected to your post, just hold on a sec and listen. Or read. Whatever.)

    Now, when i was doing that, i was of course looking out for hair colour, but seconding hair colour came their personalities. The way they stood and the look they had in their eyes. The one which isn't my profile pic just has this expression on her face that teally reminds me of my character.

    So, the way your anime pics look? The first one looks pretty nervous. The second one looks worried, it's like . . . She's bothered about a friend and she just wants to do the right thing but she doesn't quire know what that is. And also, they first one looks kinda innocent, but the second one looks more like she's seen quite a bit of the world and knows it's not a pretty place. Our blogland characters are fighters, right? They're tough.

    And on that basis, (phew, star's speech is ending, finally) i'd say the second one. Just tell everyone she's been fighting and so is wearing contacts.

    I hope you appreciate the thought i put into this.

    1. Thanks Star. I haven't thought of it that way. But, I did feel like the second one was better for my character than the first one.

      The first time I looked at it, I thought of the first one being how I looked, and the second was my character... Or the first one was my character before she found out about magic.

      Btw, your comment wasn't THAT long. :)

      Thanks for the help!