Saturday, April 28, 2012

A poem, a message

Poems sound cheesy when they rhyme...

Life is a pain, you just want to give in.
Accept the empty feeling, curl up in a bin.
These are hard times now, but just you wait.
Things will get better, won't that be great?

Life is a gift. Don't throw it away.
Don't give up hope, face a new day.
Life's never easy, but you just gotta try,
Why weigh yourself down, when you can be free and fly?

We all have a choice, however we live.
To hold on to our problems, or let go and forgive.
We all have a choice, what's there to lose?
Live life to the fullest, that's what I choose.


  1. That's what i choose as well
    Brilliant Lav

  2. Ausgezeichnet lav! I think it's great that you wrote a poem with an important message insude, rather than just writing about unicorns or something. This poem will actually TELL people stuff.

    And, *moans' i miss you. We all miss you. You know what? I actually dreamed you came back one time. Then i woke up and i came on blogger and i was thinking "yay! Lavender's back!" but then i realised it was just and dream and i was like "oh, goldengoddammit":(