Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Cats

Here are the pictures of my cats. They are really funny sometimes. :)

 This above is Patches. She's the youngest, but the fattest. 

 This, above, is Velcro. She's like the mother figure to the other two.

And this is Scooter. The only boy of the three. Look at him, drunk from sink water! Joke. :P But he does drink the sink water sometimes... It's him in the bathroom. The faucet leaks. 

These cats love to sleep on things. Books, homework, and blankets!

Like I said, Velcro is the mother. :)

Patches is still the baby of them, even if she's the biggest.

I hope you like the pics! If you do, I can show more. They have all different ways of looking cute or funny! :P


  1. Okay, no jokes, I think our cat's might be twins! And these are very cute pictures, :).

    1. Thanks. :)
      Which of my cats looks like yours? Grey, brown, or calico?

      Just curious. :)