Saturday, March 17, 2012

My really weird SP related dream...

okay, so in the first dream I had, I don't remember much. I think it was just like an intro to the dream from last night... Here it is though:

I was in an apartment, on one of the floors, and there was a tall, kinda skinny guy with a light brown colored beard and his hair was stringy and in a loose ponytail. He knew why I was here so he pointed me to a hallway that led to an open doorway... In the dream, I already knew it was Skulduggery's home. (please don't be upset that it wasn't like the book where Skull lives in a house.) The place was kinda run-down looking with the walls a sickly greenish yellow color and the carpet was a beige. I felt really uncomfortable in someplace so dim-lit and narrow, so I would peek my head around the next corner before walking there. I walked into a room with a couch and sat on it, waiting. Then Skulduggery was in the room, wearing a suit, like always. I noticed a newspaper (somewhere I forget) and it had a picture of a man on the front cover. I knew in that instant that he was a mage. (I think he could have been the Grand Mage.) I also knew something happened to him,(I think it was actually a kidnap, not a murder)...

And that's all I can remember from it... I think I woke up then. The next one.

 In the second dream, I'm not actually there in the beginning, just watching the scene take place like a movie...

There was a group of black teenage boys, walking down a street at night, The lamplight shining on them. One of the boys stopped and looked across the street at a building. I could tell that he was the youngest of the group. He said something along the lines of, "That's where Skulduggery lives. The one who saved me." (Somehow I knew he knew that Skull was a skeleton.) One of the boys next to him, put a comforting arm around his friend. They both turned away from the building and started walking away. Then the scene changed.

I was back in the hallway leading up to the living room. The man in the earlier dream wasn't there and I thought that was strange. I got scared and would jump at every turn, thinking there would be a crime scene on the other side... It was darker than before. I went into the room with the couch and heard something moving behind me. I crouched behind the couch and stayed there as a shadow on the wall outside the doorway moved closer. I was really scared. I couldn't tell, in the almost non-existent light, if it was Skulduggery or not. As the shadow moved away I squeaked out, "Skulduggery?" in a sound like a mouse. The shadow moved away from sight and a light, coming from behind me, was turned on in the room. Skulduggery was there, next to the lamp he just turned on. "Rosalie," he said in a stern voice, "what on earth are you doing down there?" I suddenly stopped feeling scared. I stood up. "I was waiting for you." I said in a voice that was so much different than the one I had called out with. The scene changed again and I was looking back at the picture on the man on the cover of the newspaper. (I thought he must have been really important to be in my dream again, but unfortunately, I can't remember why.)

So, this is the end of my second dream. I really wish I could remember why that man was so important... I think he was Skull's friend and Skull's trying to find out what happened to him...


  1. Hm. You should think about perhaps developing it further. It'd make a good story/fanfiction. *hugs*

  2. Maybe it's a prophecy for the next book!
    If that happens I'll freak :)

  3. I agree with Lorelei.

    Still strange though I don't dream and when I do it's not nice. I sleep walk though...